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12 weeks to Self-Mastery

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and stumbling over the same issues/blocks in life that arise in various forms but are ultimately the same? A program for those who are ready, willing, and able to commit to a rigorous program of introspection and change.

Tools for Awakening Workshops & Classes

Renee's “Recipe for Creative Awakening” is a little different for each person, recognizing that the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. Renee infuses more balance between health, wealth and personal aspects to bring more “spirit” in your life, wherever it comes from. Whether through art, music, dance, writing, whatever–-this is what makes her the shaman.

Practical Shaman Travel –- Life changing Journeys

The Practical Shaman offers unique travel experiences that will shift your consciousness. Join fellow seekers as we travel with medicine people and elders to unspoiled communities in Peru, and Mexico. Our journeys are not your typical vacations, but expeditions where we immerse ourselves in the rich, colorful landscape and cultures of Mexico, the Andes, and Sacred Valley of Peru.

Recent Posts

Recent Posts

"I want to thank you for guiding the most focused, profound work I have accomplished in years. I truly look forward to continuing our relationship. Charlotte“

Renee has a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter in a compassionate and affirming way.”

“She’s both intuitive and insightful and uses her creativity and ingenuity talents to help clients find their own unique path. Anyone would be blessed to have her in their lives.”

“I like her, she’s real. She loves her clients unconditionally. She provide top-notch service – she’s available to her clients.”

“Renee is very practical. She cuts through any and all B.S. and gets to the core issue, even if you haven’t identified it yourself. “