• Quick tips for Clearing Energy

    Posted on October 31, 2013 by in Building Authentic Relationships in Business, New American Tradition, Talking Stick, Tools for Awakening

    Quick tips for clearing energy. It is a great day to share energy clearing tips with your clients and fans, as the graveyards come alive with spirit.

    Black Rock
    Hold a jet black rock in your right hand. Visualize all your stress  flowing
    effortlessly into the rock. Repeat often as needed.
    Carry an extra stone in car.
    Take off your shoes
    Go outside and stand barefoot on the earth.  Close your eyes. Feel the pulse of the mother.  Visualize roots growing deep into the earth reaching
    towards the river that runs  inside.  Give all the energy that is not yours back to the earth. She will mulch it, in oreder to grow new energy seeds.
    Morning Sun
    As the sun peekes over the horizon, go outside. Stand barefoot, facing the rising sun.  Gently close your eyes. Feel the sunlight stream into your third eye, imagine it as a cleansing spirit shower
    Salt Bath
    Fill bath tub with hot water. Add 1/2 cup of sea salt, and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Optional: add herbs.  Soak. When you pull the plug, let all the negative energy go down the drain.
    Ask creator to help restore you to balance. Command that all energy that is not yours be returned as white light to the source!
    This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime.
    Light sage bundle with a match and use the smoke to cleanse yourself and your home or office. Make sure to have a window or door open.


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